Best of Glendale

Yay! We were voted Best Frozen Yogurt / Ice Cream by readers of Glendale News Press!

It means so much, especially because it confirms our appeal to non-vegans and vegans alike.

Thank you to everyone who voted for us and all of you that show your support in so many other ways. We appreciate you SO MUCH!


Dodger Flavor

Here’s the inside scoop on the flavor we created to celebrate the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series.

I think it was after game 2 that my Aunt posted a comment on one of my pictures that she would love to see a Dodger flavor. I thought, well that might be really cool, but how quickly could we do this? What would it be? What if they lost?

I contacted the person who creates our flavors and asked if she had time to create something. She said she did, so then, what flavor? We wanted it to be something Dodger related and also blue.

She knew of blue spirulina which is great because it’s healthy…but the company that sold it was in Sweden. I ordered it immediately because I knew time was of essence as we were still trying to figure this out. Shipping was going to take at least a week. Would it get here in time? It depended on how long the series went, who won, etc.

I asked people at my day job what would be a good Dodgers flavor. We obviously weren’t going to do hot dogs, and a lot of not very soft Serve friendly flavors were mentioned, but then someone said popcorn. I kind of liked that and mentioned it to Megan who does the flavors, and she liked it too. She mentioned maybe doing a cracker jacks flavor to make it more interesting, so that was the plan.

She worked on the flavor last weekend. We didn’t even get to run it through the machine for testing this time, because there was no time. But when would the blue spirulina come? And would the Dodgers win?

It came the day of game 7. If it had come earlier, we probably would’ve had it available earlier, but I thought it’s okay. If Dodgers win Game 7, we could have it the next day to celebrate. That would be pretty cool. But would they win???

I’m born and raised in Los Angeles so I grew up with the Dodgers. My family would go to one game a year when I was a kid and although I don’t really watch sports (although I went through a huge Lakers phase years ago), I’m always routing for them. But I was never routing for them harder than that night. Not only because I wanted them to win, but because we put a lot of work into this flavor.

So, we all know what happened. They lost game 7. At the same time they were playing game 7, Megan and I were playing in the kitchen with the blue spirulina to get the right color and final recipe. We had 3 gal ready to go…and they lost 😦

What do I do? Do I run the flavor anyway? Do I dump it? What do I say if we run it?

I didn’t know what to do. I actually had a morning meeting at the store the next day, so I decided I would sleep on it and figure it out in the morning.

I still didn’t know. It got to 11am and I had to decide. I decided it was worth running anyway. Not only because it was a super cool flavor that we wanted people to try, but also because the World Series had united L.A. and plus the awesome series was worth celebrating.

So we put it in the machine and went for it. So far, the response has been really positive. We are keeping it for the whole weekend too. I’m glad we went for it. It would’ve been way more cool if they won, but it’s still pretty sweet.

Peanuts & Cracker Jacks

Swirling with Vanilla Harmony

Another Month

It’s been a month since my last post and honestly, it’s been a tough time for me.

On a personal level, my mom’s health has been declining and it’s extremely tough for my family and for me. My mom is the #1 reader of my blog and one of my two biggest supporters (with my dad). My family is struggling and I’m so exhausted and overwhelmed with what I have on my plate that I don’t get the chance to see them or help in the way I would like to. It is emotionally hard on so many levels. My mom is a fighter though and our love is strong.

In addition, I’ve been dealing with a very hard Yoga-urt situation for over a year now that never seems to get easier. There is hope it will end soon, but it has taken a toll on me and caused many sleepless nights. 

I took a yoga class yesterday and when I was holding chair pose, I had this thought that it’s like I’ve been in chair pose for over a year – it’s tough, Uncomfortable, exhausting, way longer than anyone should have to hold it, even painful – but the forward fold/surrender is hopefully coming soon. And as my sister said, my muscles are getting stronger which will help me in the future.

Just like life, yoga isn’t always comfortable, but it’s another reason I’m thankful for my yoga practice. It has taught me strength, resilience, patience, and hopefully grace.

On the positive side, which there definitely is, I love seeing our customers at Yoga-urt and seeing them happy brings me so much joy. When I question what I got myself into, coming to the store and seeing smiling faces means the world. 

As we start heading into our slower season, I hope I can catch up with myself, recharge, start finding some balance, and will continue to focus on the positives of which there are many. I know I keep saying this, but one day I hope to get there.


The Hits Keep On Coming

Sometimes it feels like I can never catch a break. Something happened this last week which feels like a bomb has gone off. It’s hurtful, uncomfortable, and makes me feel physically ill. I haven’t been able to sleep since I found out. 

Everyone will find out soon as it has to do with Kenneth Village where Yoga-urt is.

I try to be very candid on this blog but I am also very aware that anyone can read it. So I know I have to watch my words sometimes and hold back a bit as to not cause unwanted conflict. I wish that wasn’t the case as I want to let it all out, but I also don’t want to make things worse for me. 

With that being said, this one hurts and I didn’t see it coming. And the hurt is probably only going to get worse. I am angry, but even worse, I feel like I’ve been kicked in the gut. 

I’m having a hard time dealing with this and it’s only been 5 days, with so many more to go.

So what do you do when you don’t have the power to change something that will negatively affect you? I honestly don’t know the exact answer to this so if you know, please share with me. I need all the tools I can get.

But I guess this is when I need to get spiritual. I’ve been a bit out of touch with my spiritual side the last few years as I’ve been a machine juggling my full time job and Yoga-urt. I used to read books, go to workshops, connect with people on a deeper level – but there has been no time for any of that. 

I’m also trying to remind myself to focus on what I’m grateful for because there are so many things to be grateful for. They are hard to see this very moment, but they are there. I also think about what is going on in Houston, and then realize my problems are really minor compared to the suffering going on.
But this is going to be hard for me and it feels like one hard thing after another. And yes, big picture, things are going well but OMG, I’m so sick of dealing with one crappy thing after another. 

I have to believe deep in my soul that these 6 years of committing myself fully to Yoga-urt, while  carrying the better part of this journey on my own, has given birth to something that can’t be destroyed. Something that is magical and meant to be. Something that is loved by more than just me. Something that makes people feel good which was my original intention. 

I have to have trust in the Universe that all will work itself out. 

Today, it feels like a bomb went off. I hope that very soon, things settle and I can be at peace again. 

Over A Month

It’s been over a month now since my last post. Almost everyday, I tell myself I need to update my blog, but I just didn’t have it in me. I’m honestly not sure exactly why but I guess I just needed some time. 

So, to flashback to our Anniversary Weekend, it was a lot of fun with an unfortunate finish. 

To start with the good, it was so nice to see so many customers at the store who’ve been coming since we opened, some friends, family, and new customers too. 
Our Anniversary flavor, Purple Power, was well received…phew! I always get nervous with a new flavor. And of course, we did have some problems – for the first hour or two that Saturday, this flavor wouldn’t come out of the machine – talk about stress. Not the best way to start the weekend but my team and I worked some magic and got it to come out…finally!

The unfortunate part was actually with a family member. I won’t go into the details but it was not the way I wanted to end the weekend. Was really tough to deal with and like this whole journey, the second you are on a high something happens that kicks you in the gut. That’s why I always say this journey is a roller coaster ride – up, down, & all around. The Anniversary Weekend was no exception. 

Since then it’s been back to the juggle of my life and all that entails. I’m just trying to take care of myself through it all. I’m not getting as much yoga or sleep as I need, but I will continue to strive for that. 

The summer is going to start to wind down soon and as we enter our slower season, I hope to keep Yoga-urt thriving and continue to move forward towards my dreams.

With my niece & nephew 

My cousin Brad and his family – the whole yoga/yogurt joke was with him 🙂

With my parents, sister, & family

Instagram Contest


With our 2 year anniversary coming up, I’m starting to really reflect on these last 2 years, or really 6 years since I started this journey.

I went to see my therapist this past week and she asked me what Yoga-urt means to me. It’s hard to summarize, but Yoga-urt IS me and it’s greater than me at the same time. I actually started tearing up when I tried to explain to her – it’s that deep.

It really is a summary of my life story and struggles so far. From suffering from chronic pain and back issues pretty much my whole life, to trying yoga at the urging of my chiropractor to help relieve it, to leaving a job I had for 11 years after a bad few years, to diving into a yoga teacher training, to a joke about yoga-yogurt with my cousin, all parts of my life lead me here.

The job I had for 11 years was my first job out of college and I remember that during my reviews, they would consistently say I needed more confidence, to speak up more, etc. Boy, have I come a long way. I think it was always in me, I was just too scared to speak up. 

My passion for Yoga-urt didn’t give me a choice – I had to speak up to bring it to life and to make it succeed. It was the only way. To my family, friends, potential investors, business people, consultants, and eventually to our customers.

I’m pretty sure that most of my family and friends thought this was a passing fad, and that I wasn’t going to do it or couldn’t do it. But I did!

Yoga-urt called to me like nothing else in my life. It got me to step out of myself and do things I never could’ve imagined doing. This still happens pretty much everyday. I’m constantly out of my comfort zone, doing the best I can, and learning as I go.

I’ve made a ton of mistakes on this journey and there are things I’d definitely handle differently, but I try to learn from them and continue to grow both myself and Yoga-urt. 

So what does Yoga-urt mean to me?It means everything. I’ve always said, whether it succeeded or not, I NEEDED to do it. 

There have been times I’ve questioned it, cried over it, felt like giving up, wondered what I got myself into, but I HAD to do it.

Two years is a huge accomplishment. I’ve been hearing a about some restaurants closing recently and can’t even imagine. It’s a hard business and it’s not for everyone. Takes over your life, your finances, and pretty much everything. If you don’t have passion and love for it, I don’t advise it, but if it’s your calling, then you must.

I’ve also been thinking about how risky it was to go all vegan. I still hear people outside or inside the store scared of the vegan word. It turns some people off for whatever reason. They don’t think it will be as good. 

It would’ve probably been easier for us if we were at least half dairy. But that’s not Yoga-urt and I think all in all, it was the best decision to go all vegan. And, of course, the product stands on its own. I think it is the best whether dairy or not.

I’ll probably post more reflections this week and next. I can’t believe it’s been 2 years – what a ride!


Our 2nd Anniversary is coming up in a few weeks. It’s really hard to believe as it feels like our 1st anniversary was just a little bit ago.

I’m trying to keep it a bit more low key than last year (we went BIG), but I still want to honor it and celebrate it. After all, this has been a 6 year journey for me and I have given everything I have to it. 

This last year has been the best and worst for me. The best – Yoga-urt is starting to stand on its own and the love and support from our customers/community has and continues to blow me away. The worst – I’ve been beat up this year in ways I can’t share and never saw coming and have hurt me deeply. In addition, my mom’s health has  continued to worsen due to her degenerative disease which has impacted our family greatly. 

It’s also been a year of exhaustion as I juggle both Yoga-urt and my job, but I am slowly making changes to make this more manageable and to try to have a life again (and sleep :).

No one said it was easy starting your own business, and it’s not. And when money is tight from the beginning, it’s even harder. But that’s what makes moments like these that much sweeter. 

I am so proud of how far Yoga-urt has come and how far I’ve come. There were many times during this journey when I felt like Yoga-urt was never going to see the light of day. But I never gave up, found some great support along the way, and here we are.

I’m going to take the week off from my day job after the anniversary so I can properly honor this journey. I want to soak it in and give myself some TLC. I won’t be traveling anywhere – staying close to home – but really looking forward to it. 

In the meantime, there is much to do. We are still working on a new flavor that will be introduced that weekend. There is a photo shoot next week for something exciting we are working on and hoping to launch in the next month. We are finally getting a storage unit on the property (it’s currently my condo) but it will need some work and will take time to transfer everything. And the list goes on and on. 

But one thing at a time. For this month, I want to honor and reflect on how far we’ve come and to celebrate it!