Wow – 3 Years Since My Last Blog Post

It’s been about 3 years since my last blog post. Wow! So much has happened. Covid and all of that craziness, opening our 3rd store in Santa Monica 1 year ago, and all the crazy ups and downs that honestly are pretty unbelievable.

I stopped writing my blog because as Yoga-urt got more popular, I would second guess everything I was writing. For example, if I share the true story of how one of my landlords doubled my rent during Covid after ignoring me for several months, would that get me into trouble. If I told you crazy employee stories, would that get me into trouble.

I was second guessing everything, even with my family and personal life as some of them read my blog. So I stopped. It seems too hard to know what is ok to share publicly and what isn’t.

I’ve been thinking for a few years that I eventually should write a book as this journey has been unbelievable in so many good and so many bad ways. And maybe I will some day.

The truth is, as much as I love Yoga-urt, I definitely have burnout too. Burnout from working a full-time job the first 3.5-4 years of Yoga-urt. Then opening a 2nd store. Then the Covid years. And now with a 3rd store too.

It’s a lot. I haven’t been on a vacation in like 6/7 years. We pushed through Covid and never shut down (and also never had a breakout thankfully). So the burnout is real but so is my love for Yoga-urt. I’ve just still not been able to find the balance I need in my life, but I keep trying.

I still want to grow Yoga-urt, and I’m taking some big steps now to see if I can do just that in 2023. In a way where it’s not all on me. Where I can hopefully grow my team too. The potential is exciting. It’s also scary but less scary than everything I’ve done before. So that’s kind of the latest.

As always, I’m so grateful for the love and support that Yoga-urt and I receive. We need it! It’s what keeps us going. I know Yoga-urt is a magical place. I wouldn’t have given so much of my life to it if it wasn’t. And it makes me so happy that it makes so many of you so happy. It’s such a beautiful thing. Thank you!!!

That’s me at our Echo Park Store 2022
Our Branded Bowls which we introduced 1 year ago
Yoga-urt Santa monica
Yoga-urt Santa Monica

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