My Epiphany

Another month has gone by as I still haven’t shared my epiphany.

So here it is. The last few years have been tough with opening the first store, working a full-time job at the same time, opening the 2nd store, tons of shit in between no one knows about, and dealing with a mother with 17 years parkinson’s disease and all the horrible effects of that which are ongoing.

But now, the 2nd store is open, both are finally fully staffed, I am now just focusing on Yoga-urt and I’m sick and tired of being rundown. I sound like a broken record. Yes it’s been tough and yes things are still tough – mostly with my family right now. But enough is enough.

It’s time I take control of it all. It’s time for some sleep. It’s time for some self care. It’s time for some fun! It’s time for some dating. And Goddess willing, it’s time for a vacation sometime soon. I deserve all of this and it’s up to me to make it happen.

This was my epiphany a month or so ago and so how have I been doing?

I’ve been doing okay, it’s a work-in-progress, but things are getting better.

I am getting more sleep. I’ve gone to a few movies, a few dinners with friends, a comedy show, even a Dodger game and a date.

To some this might not sound like a big deal but for me, it is.

This is just the beginning and I truly hope to continue to start having a life again. To balance a life with Yoga-urt.

I have to make it happen because no one else will. I have to set boundaries where needed and take chances where needed.

My family is a mess and it makes me very sad but I can’t let it destroy me as it has so much of the last few years.

So as I do what I can to promote Yoga-urt, continue to make it a special and unique place, and continue to grow it, I need to add in self care and fun wherever I can!


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