Echo Park Grand Opening

We had our Grand Opening the following weekend but lots in between too.

I took the first part of that Monday easy trying to recoup from the big push. But there was still lots of media/PR stuff to deal with and prepping for all of our events before the opening.

We were closed on Monday and Tuesday, and then we opened for half a day on Wednesday.

Then on Thursday, we had our influencer/media night. Lots of prepping for that all day. It was another big opportunity to show Yoga-urt off. It went well overall.

And on Friday, I had invited all of our neighboring business owners and their employees in the area to come to Yoga-urt for a free mini. I did this at the Glendale location too. It’s a great way to introduce everyone to it.

All of this kept me busy all week. My dad asked why we weren’t open more days and the l answer really was that it was just too much for me. The new team members were still learning what to do so I would have to be there, and I had so much to do to prep for these events and the grand opening, I thought best to focus on that. Making money or my sanity? I chose my sanity that week.

And then it was our Grand Opening! It’s all a bit of a blur but it went well. A lot of people came but it was manageable. It was nice to see lots of familiar faces and so friends and family that stopped by.

The days were long but very rewarding. I could see that this is going to work. The store needed some tweaks and adjustments, but it works. We have the space, the equipment, the people to make this the functional store it needed to be šŸ™‚

That doesn’t mean there weren’t issues. Two people called in sick…yes on opening weekend. Super stressful but we managed.

But oh my god was I exhausted after that weekend. It was 12 days of nonstop crazy to get to this point and now we did it. The store was officially open but that’s not the end of my struggle. More to come…


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