Echo Park Soft Opening

Throwing it back to our opening in Echo Park!

Last I wrote about it was how devastated I was by not passing health inspection in time to open for Memorial Day Weekend. I was so upset. My goal after the holiday was to sit at the health department until I got them to agree to come back out. And they did that Wednesday and we passed.

There was much relief but also anger that it took so long. And then thinking about all I had to do was overwhelming – so it was time to get to work.

Not only were we doing our soft opening starting on Saturday, June 1st, but the day before, Mercy for Animals was filming a video at the Echo Park store and there was also an event that I had agreed to be a part of on that Saturday! Who does an event the same day as their day 1 soft opening? Just me. I’m the crazy one!

On Thursday, we brought half the Glendale store to echo park. It was ridiculous but we did it. Had to get Echo Park looking like a functional place right away for the video. And then on Friday, we filmed the video. Thankfully I’m friends with the lead video person so it wasn’t completely intimidating but still had to make sure I spoke clearly and intelligently and everything looked good.

After the video, I had to prep for both our opening and the event. I had our soft opening start at 3pm so that I could get back from the event on time.

Was racing over there around 2:30pm and it was pretty emotional. I was excited, exhausted, and nervous.

And then we opened. So different than Glendale. I actually knew what I was doing. There were some issues with where to have the line and things like that, but overall things went well that weekend. Lots of regulars. Lots of new people.

It was a very exhausting weekend of barely any sleep, but it felt good and was such a relief to finally be open. To finally be making money. And to finally getting the chance to introduce Yoga-urt to new people!


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