Inspections, Inspections, Inspections

Like everything on this journey, inspections have been difficult and are taking much longer than I hoped.

The ones that were pretty easy: mechanical, plumbing, & final city.

The one causing the most problems: electrical. Not only has he had to come back 4 times as of next week, but he keeps postponing the day he will come, sometimes by 2 days. This has been going on for over 2 weeks and is so frustrating and stressful. It doesn’t seem right to postpone a scheduled appt, and yet he does. He really doesn’t care about the consequences for me and how much money I’m losing. He’s supposed to come back on Tuesday and I hope he doesn’t postpone again and that it’s for the last time – OMG.

And although I was told the health inspector could come within 1-2 days of calling, I am now waiting a week. It’s so infuriating to be ready to go and just waiting on inspectors. All I can do at this time is hope we pass on Wednesday when he comes. Fingers crossed.

Because we have to wait, I’m trying to rest a bit this weekend because once we pass health, it’s game on. There will be so much to do as we can’t stock the store with food until we pass. We can’t make product. Nothing with food.

The store is looking really good. Some designs were added this week. We are basically ready to go besides some small tweaks.

Most of the team has been hired but I’m sure I’ll have to hire a few more people once we get going.

As for when we open, it’s the million dollar question. If we pass health on Wednesday, current thinking is soft open Memorial day weekend through May 31. And then grand opening on June 1 & 2 with media/influencers in between.

I really need to get this place open to start making money as the bills are coming fast and furious.

And really hoping the weather warms up soon. This has been a much colder Spring than we are used to in Los Angeles. The Glendale store is doing ok, but I think we would be doing so much better if the weather was hotter.

As for my mom, she scheduled her surgery for June 11th. That brought me much relief, but the more my opening slips, the closer it gets to her surgery. It’s time to get this baby open!


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