My Days

My days are kind of crazy right now. It’s go time for store #2 so I’m running around a lot.

For example, here’s how my day went yesterday.

I started by going to the city to deal with an issue with our back door at Echo Park. The good news is the inspector and I came to a conclusion that works for both us. But I have to change it on the plan and come back…again…to get it stamped. So another visit is added to my list for next week.

Then I went to a printer shop to make some copies of the plans because I have to go to the health dept next week as well to show some changes we made.

Next was to the tile place to order the tile for the exterior of the store. I had a tough time deciding between 2 different colors so hopefully I made the right choice.

Next to Smart n Final to pick up dry ice as I had 3 pint shipments to do. So on to Glendale Yoga-urt I go to pack up the pints, and then I took them to Fedex.

Next was dropping the plans back off at the Echo Park store for my GC.

Then back to Glendale Yoga-urt to try and get my walk in before it got dark. Spent some time checking in at the store there and then finally went home.

And all the while also approving signage for the store, ordering some things, and dealing with 1 really big construction problem that I will share more on soon.

I don’t know how I did this last time with a full-time job. It’s a lot now without another job, so how the hell did I do it. I know it wasn’t healthy and I know I’m still recovering, but I guess I just pushed through.

Tomorrow is a big day at Echo Park as we have 3 inspections. Hoping all goes well so we can move forward.

And then we deal with my big problem. At least I’m clear now on our options so hopefully I can make it still work – I have to.


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