Yoga-urt #2 Update

We’ve been in construction for almost 2 months now with probably 1 more month to go.

The store is coming along nicely but still looks like a construction site. I think it will be about 2 more weeks when it will start to look like Yoga-urt, which is really exciting.

Overall, things have been going well. But in the last few weeks, there seems to be a problem like every other day with construction. Some big. Some small. Some fixed. Some we’re still dealing with. It’s a bit stressful but when an issue comes up, there is no other choice but to find a solution.

Besides the above, for me this past week was about ordering all of our equipment and materials that might take longer than 2 weeks to deliver, as the clock is now ticking.

Ideally, I’ll be doing soft opening during the 3rd or 4th week of March, which is about 4/5 weeks out. So we will need everything delivered as soon as the floor is done in a few weeks. That’s very soon!

This past week I went to the place we got our counter wood and countertop material from to make sure still available – it is! I felt so weird retracing my steps from almost 4 years ago, but was a nice feeling too as we’ve come so far since then.

Started production on our exterior signage, kicked off our mural, found tile for the front, got a bid on a new security gate, ordered our menu board, in addition to ordering the equipment. OMG, I’m spending a lot of money!

I need to order a few more things next week and I really hope I’m not forgetting anything.

But I will say it’s so much easier this time. I know where to go. In some cases, I’m repeating what was done for the first store so less decisions to make. I don’t have my other job so I have the freedom to run around. I can have things delivered to our first store (last time, everything had to be delivered to my condo which meant piles of boxes that eventually had to be transported to the store).

And when we open, I can also borrow some things from the first store if needed like bowls, ingredients, cleaning supplies, etc. just so much easier!

But I feel like I’m on a roller coaster that is going up the first big drop. We are a little more than halfway up and itching towards the top. And in about 4 weeks or so, we are going to drop! I have all of the emotions you have before the big drop: excitement, fear, anticipation, making sure my seatbelt is secured like a million times – lol.

I need to start interviewing and hiring soon so that is a priority the next few weeks as well! But once again, luckily, the new team members can train at the first store so they all will hopefully know what they’re doing by the time we open. Unlike last time when we really just winged it. At least I did. I had no idea what I was doing when we opened the first store…but now I’m an expert!

So that is the current status. Full steam ahead and the PR push will need to start soon too! The countdown begins!


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