Super Woman

Okay, I’m clearly not super woman, but I kind of felt like it last week.

Despite my best intentions and the best intentions of the people I’m working with on Yoga-urt #2, the holidays did sadly hold us up for a few weeks. I really tried to make that not happen, but it did.

I met with the health department on Dec. 24th, yes that’s right, Christmas Eve and they had a change that needed to be addressed. And of course the company I needed to address the change was shut down until after New Years. What a bummer!

So that was that. But you better believe as soon as New Year’s Day was over, I contacted them as quickly as possible.

The changes were ready for the health department last Monday and I was able to get an appointment with the health department last Tuesday! Thankfully, it went well!

But there were several other steps needed to get us back on track. I knew if I left it to others, it would take weeks so my mission last week was to do everything in my power to get where we needed to be.

I went to the city like 3 times in 2 days. I met with waste management. I met with milk & dairy. Every step along the way had a curveball and it felt like there would be more delays, but I found a solution for every single one.

While at the city, I met with our city plan checker who said the first available day he could meet with me was January 17th – a week and a half away. I was so bummed to hear this and pleaded to be seen earlier. Luckily, he said if I came towards the end of the day, he would try to see me but no promises.

So I did just that and he met with me. Of course, there was another curveball but it was resolved quickly and I got everything I needed.

It was 2 full days of running around and meetings, but it was such a relief!

So we are back on track now for Yoga-urt #2. My hope is that we can catch up for the lost time in construction, but it’s too early to tell.

And the good news is I now personally know the inspectors, plan checkers, etc. and they have seen my passion for this so that should hopefully make things easier all around.

I’m so proud of myself for turning everything around in 2 days and I’m grateful I had the time to do it. With Yoga-urt #1, I was still working my full-time day job and this would’ve been impossible to do so quickly.


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