2018 – Year of Gratitude

At the end of each year, I try to summarize it with one word as I have done the last few years.

For 2015, the word was INTENSE. For 2016, the word was GROWTH. For 2017, the word was PROMISE.

And for 2018, the word is GRATITUDE.

Boy, did you all show up for us this year! This year was our best year yet and that’s because of our customers. We are so grateful to each and every one of you for loving Yoga-urt like you do.

Yoga-urt is a lot of work, takes a lot of money, and the challenges that come up can be very stressful and disheartening at times. But it’s all worth it because of our customers.

So many times this year, people would thank me for Yoga-urt. And I thank them right back. It means the world to me, and this journey feels very lonely at times, so when I can connect with our customers it feels good.

I am grateful that you all embraced our pie slices, popsicles, & ice cream sandwiches. I am grateful that our sales grew even with a competing business right next door. I am grateful that you loved our new flavors. I am grateful for all the kind words.

Most of all, I am so grateful that I was able to get a loan and move forward with Yoga-urt #2. And I’m so grateful that you all are as excited about Yoga-urt #2 as I am.

Lots to feel grateful for.

We were open again on Christmas Day although this time I didn’t work it alone. Another team member worked too which was great because we were very busy! And, of course, we brought out the hot chocolate again which we do just a few times a year.

On the flip side, personally, these last few months have been very hard on me. My mother’s 17 years with Parkinson’s Disease has taken a toll on me and my family. It became so painfully clear with the holidays in December how much things have changed. It’s so hard.

This year has been quite a big transition for me as I went from working a full-time job in addition to Yoga-urt, to now just focusing on Yoga-urt. It makes things so much easier for me in some ways, but harder in some others. I’m now “all in” with Yoga-urt.

All in with Yoga-urt sounds pretty good. There has been so much risk on this journey, but I continue to listen to my gut and pursue my calling.

I’m so excited for what 2019 will bring Yoga-urt.


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