Coming Soon Signs are up for Yoga-urt #2

Last week, the day before Thanksgiving, the coming soon signs went up in Echo Park.

This is always a big moment for me, and as exciting as it is, it also makes me feel very vulnerable. I feel vulnerable because Yoga-urt will be new to a lot of people and it puts it out there in a big way. And because there is no turning back.

I actually hired the same designer/installer for this coming soon sign as I did for the 1st store. But this time, we went all out as we have much more tease with this time. Plus, it’s right on Sunset Blvd with non-stop cars passing by, so it’s perfect for marketing Yoga-urt!

So, they are up! It’s out there! Can’t turn back now!

As for city/health approvals and construction, we have all approvals except health which should come in next week and construction will start next week if permitting goes smoothly.

Things have actually gone pretty quickly. It took longer to do the plans than I was hoping for, but the city approvals came in very quickly making up for it. It’s hard being patient waiting for this and that, but so it goes.

We (Yoga-urt and I in case you are wondering who the we is 🙂 are in much better shape than with the first store as I’m using the same General Contractor and same Designer, so there is a built in trust. We have the general branding, it’s just making it right for the space and right for Echo Park. Plus I’m not working a full-time day job right now as I was last time which is a HUGE difference.

I feel like this is the calm before the storm. It’s hard for me to be patient, but I know I should enjoy this time as once construction starts the roller coaster ride begins with all of the twists, turns, fear, and excitement that comes with it. Luckily, I love roller coasters! 😘


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