It’s Finally Happening!


There is going to be a 2nd store for Yoga-urt coming to Echo Park in Los Angeles in Spring 2019!

Yes it’s true!!!

It’s been so hard not to share the news with everyone so I’m so happy I can talk about it now. This is something I’ve wanted to do since the first store opened, and it’s happening!!!!

Here is how it came to be.

I actually spent one day looking for spaces in Santa Monica back in June. I didn’t see anything that day that really worked, and then that very same day, I got an email from an agent/broker about a space in Echo Park. He said he wasn’t sure if I was looking to do a 2nd store but sharing just in case.

Although this wasn’t an area I was that familiar with or was considering, the pictures looked good so I thought I would check it out. Why not!

When I saw the space, I could immediately picture Yoga-urt there. And, it’s across the street from PETA which was incredible. But, I wasn’t 100% convinced about the area as it is very different from Kenneth Village where the current store is.

So I visited it a few times, talked to some people about it, and I’m not going to lie, I struggled with the decision as I really thought the next one was going to be on the Westside.

The day came when I had to make the decision and I just tried to clear my mind and forget about what everyone else thought and really just tried to see what my gut was telling me. And it came to me. This was it. Wasn’t what I pictured but might be even better! There has been no turning back since.

There was one big hitch though, I still needed the loan and this always takes longer than you think. I had to get 3 sets of approvals for the loan and hope the owners of the space would wait for me because the lease was contingent on getting the loan. Luckily they waited and gratefully the loan came through!!!

And we ended up signing the lease on Rosh Hashanah which is the Jewish New Year, and although not planned, seemed symbolic and a good sign.

So there it is – Yoga-urt #2 is on its way!

In my last post, I hinted about this and said that I was excited, grateful, scared, and proud.

I am excited because my dream is to share Yoga-urt with as many people as possible and I can’t wait to introduce so many new people to it.

I am grateful because this is my dream. And because of the support that Yoga-urt and I have received from so many people, there is much to be grateful for.

I am scared because there is a lot of fear on this journey – always. Is it the right location? Will it do well? Etc. But I know it’s okay to have fear, as long as it doesn’t hold me back so I’m not going to let it.

And I am proud. So proud of myself. There have been so many challenges on this journey, some so big I thought I couldn’t get passed them. And to be a female founder/entrepreneur and financially do this all on my own (plus loans) is huge. I’m proud of myself for being scared and doing it anyway.

I can’t wait!!!


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