Pie Slices & Popsicles

We introduced 2 new menu items this past month – pie slices & popsicles!

I’ve been wanting to offer both of these items for like a year, but we had no where to put them or display them. I had to wait until I could afford to buy a display freezer and I finally got one. Yay!!!

So for the first time, we are offering pie slices. Not only are they delicious and selling really well, but they are fun to make. Getting to experiment with different toppings & combos, my team is loving it!

And we also introduced popsicles. These are delicious too but a bit harder to make. There was a bunch of trial and error getting them out of the molding piece, but we finally figured it out. The step by step timing of everything is very important but as long as you get the timing right, they turn out great.

And both are beautiful too!

August was another really good month for us and it’s sad to know summer is fading away. It’s already getting darker earlier and I know inevitably we will slow down a bit, but hopefully not too much.

On another note, tomorrow is a very big day for me and for Yoga-urt. It is something I’m very excited, grateful, and scared about. And proud. So so so so proud of myself.

It’s almost hard to believe it and I’ll share soon, but it’s proof that when you work hard for something you believe in and you keep persisting through all of the challenges that come your way, you can bring your dreams to life.

Peanut Butter Prana & Chocolate Bliss Swirl Pie

Mint Magic Pie

Sweet Greens & Lavender Blossom Popsicles

Chocolate Bliss & Vanilla Harmony Popsicles

Birthday Cake Pie


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