Yoga-urt Turns 3 & More

So here I am again with another month passing between posts. This is becoming a pattern and I want to do better. There is always so much happening that’s worth sharing and I want to share.

I think it’s that on the flip side, there have been many dark moments over the last year as well (2 years really). Some have been very out in the open, and some very private, that very few people know about. All are part of this crazy journey but they really take a lot of you and unfortunately takes some joy away from all of the accomplishments.

Putting that aside, I do want to share that our 3rd anniversary celebration on July 21/22 was so much fun. Every year, I want to celebrate Yoga-urt in a big way because it deserves it – we deserve it. The work that it took to open it and to maintain it, the happiness that it brings people, the delicious Yoga-urt – all worth celebrating!

Thanks to all of you who celebrated with us – near and far. Thank you for your support for this sweet business. Thank you for being a part of this journey.

I get emotional when I think about how it started, with an idea and a lot of love – and that’s it. I am SO PROUD of how far we’ve come. I am so excited about the future. It all truly is amazing and I get emotional just typing this.

Of course I continue to make mistakes, and I only hope I can learn from them and not repeat them. I just try to do the best I can and learn as I go.

Our newest flavor, Birthday Cake, made its debut a few weeks ago. I get really nervous every time we introduce a new flavor, hoping people like it. For this one, the nerves went away in just a few hours because I knew it was a home run – so good.

So what’s next? Hoping to debut pie slices this month plus a new menu item that I can’t mention yet.

And switching topics, just yesterday, I had to make a very important decision for Yoga-urt. I can’t talk about it yet, but I can tell you that the fear thing was all over it. It reminded me how fear has been with me this entire journey – and I did it anyway. As Elizabeth Gilbert says, let fear take a backseat in the car. It’s ok that it’s there, but don’t let it drive.

I did my best to tune out the fear of making a wrong decision and tried to instead, tune inside myself for the right decision. I’ve trusted my gut so far on this journey and I’m trusting my gut on this one too. Even as I write this, the fearful thoughts creep in, but I will remind myself to trust in my decision and continue to do the best I can for Yoga-urt.


With my dad!

New shirts make their debut!

Team Dinner


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