It seems to be a pattern lately, with my blog posts getting further apart. I don’t mean for that to happen and so I will really try to do better.

My last post was all about my transition from leaving my day job. Well, guess what! They called me back. A few weeks ago, they asked me to come back and it was a tough decision for me as I know in saying yes, I won’t sacrifice Yoga-urt and I won’t sacrifice my job, and so the thing that suffers is me. I wear myself out with work, work, work.

I negotiated going back 3 days a week in hopes that I will still have time for myself and Yoga-urt. It was really nice to go back but it has taken a toll.

There is SO MUCH going on right now with Yoga-urt! We finally started nationwide shipping of the pints 2 weeks ago – more on that soon. We had a booth for 2 days at Arroyo Seco last weekend. I’m having our website updated. I’m having our nutritional info brochures updated and creating one specifically for pints. I’m getting new uniforms/shirts for the store.

And, Yoga-urt’s 3rd Anniversary is in less than 3 weeks! So much to do for that!

And so I do feel more worn down than the previous month, but hope to find some balance soon.

I can’t believe Yoga-urt’s been open 3 years already. We’ve come such a long way during these 3 years and I’m so proud of Yoga-urt and grateful to everyone for supporting us.

July is a big month for us. The anniversary. National ice cream day/Month. Warmer weather. Nationwide shipping continues.

Here we go!