Yoga-urt Pies

Somehow, we pulled off our new pies for Thanksgiving and I think it was successful but it all happened so quickly.

We are always looking at ways to use the leftover almond pulp from making the soft Serve, and so creating a pie crust has been on my list for a while.

One of our soft serve makers went to work on the pie recipe and I approved the recipe a few weeks before Thanksgiving…I loved it. Tasted really good but you could also tell it was clean and healthy.

But then we still had to figure out how to fill the pies, what to include, etc.

I experimented a bit and was SO HAPPY with the results. Very simple but very tasty. And they looked beautiful.

So about 1 week before Thanksgiving, we finalized the pie recipes and I made a few so I could get some pictures. The pictures turned out even better than I thought. So that left one week to post and market the pies in order to get orders placed for Thanksgiving.

I posted the pics on social media, in our newsletter, etc., and the orders came in. It felt so good that people were excited and trusted that they would be good. We got more orders than I thought!

Last orders came in on Sunday, so that left just a few days to make everything. Pies. Pies. Pies. I made a bunch. My team members made a bunch. They were all picked up the Tues or Wed before Thanksgiving. Somehow it all worked!

I truly hope that each and every one was enjoyed. I feel so grateful that Yoga-urt was a part of your holiday.

And yes, we are bringing them back for the December holidays, and hope to bring them back more often next year!