Another Month

It’s been a month since my last post and honestly, it’s been a tough time for me.

On a personal level, my mom’s health has been declining and it’s extremely tough for my family and for me. My mom is the #1 reader of my blog and one of my two biggest supporters (with my dad). My family is struggling and I’m so exhausted and overwhelmed with what I have on my plate that I don’t get the chance to see them or help in the way I would like to. It is emotionally hard on so many levels. My mom is a fighter though and our love is strong.

In addition, I’ve been dealing with a very hard Yoga-urt situation for over a year now that never seems to get easier. There is hope it will end soon, but it has taken a toll on me and caused many sleepless nights. 

I took a yoga class yesterday and when I was holding chair pose, I had this thought that it’s like I’ve been in chair pose for over a year – it’s tough, Uncomfortable, exhausting, way longer than anyone should have to hold it, even painful – but the forward fold/surrender is hopefully coming soon. And as my sister said, my muscles are getting stronger which will help me in the future.

Just like life, yoga isn’t always comfortable, but it’s another reason I’m thankful for my yoga practice. It has taught me strength, resilience, patience, and hopefully grace.

On the positive side, which there definitely is, I love seeing our customers at Yoga-urt and seeing them happy brings me so much joy. When I question what I got myself into, coming to the store and seeing smiling faces means the world. 

As we start heading into our slower season, I hope I can catch up with myself, recharge, start finding some balance, and will continue to focus on the positives of which there are many. I know I keep saying this, but one day I hope to get there.



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