Lavender Blossom

Yesterday was a great day! We had a really good day at Yoga-urt.

Not only was it Earth Day and super hot but we introduced our newest flavor – Lavender Blossom.

I get so nervous every time we introduce a new flavor as I never know how people will react. The good news is it was a hit. The response from everyone was overwhelmingly positive. And, it’s SO PRETTY! Lavender actually outsold Chocolate yesterday, which is always our number one seller. 

I worked the store all day yesterday. I came in early to make some Green Tea & Golden Rose pints, trained a new Employee, and stayed until 9pm (with a dinner break). I still love being there, but was exhausted after 12 hours, although a good kind of exhausted.

I think today will be busy too as the weather is nice, people want to try Lavender Blossom, and PETA posted about us on Instagram this morning (thanks PETA :).

It still amazes me that our customers come to Yoga-urt from all parts of Los Angeles & further. It means the world to me and I have so much gratitude for it. 

Everyone wants us to open up more stores, and so do I, but I don’t think people realize how much money it takes. We don’t have big backers and I don’t have a rich family. So far, it’s all come from me. However, I know in my heart all will happen at the right time and so I’ll continue to make our store in Glendale the best it can be.

On a personal note, it’s been a hard few weeks for me for many reasons. I seem to get hit from all sides on so many things as I continue to juggle Yoga-urt with my full-time job. I’m not sleeping that well and I’m worried about my health. It’s clear that something’s got to give. Not sure yet what that means, but I’m paying attention.