Vegan Street Fair 2017

Last weekend was Vegan Street Fair. It was an intense day but a lot of fun. 

There is always so much prep that goes into these events, but we started early this year and we’re able to not go too crazy. It’s still hard though as we need to keep the store going at the same time with enough product, and the store has been busy!

We had nonstop lines until we ran out, got some more from the store, and then ran out again.

No huge curveballs this year, but the biggest issue was our signage from VSF was wrong. We were introducing our new Caramel Apple Abundance flavor and the sign called it a topping 😦 Oh well. What can you do.

I spent the last 1-2 hours walking our line, letting everyone know what flavors we had left as I had heard earlier, some people were not happy as we started running out of flavors. 

The Fair itself was amazing. SO MANY people came and the community is so beautiful. I love seeing our friends, meeting new people, and seeing their reactions to Yoga-urt.

It was an exhausting day, but we are so grateful to be part of this community. 

I’m really excited to see what the next few weeks bring as we get closer to our busy season. 


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