I got to spend a lot of time at Yoga-urt this weekend, more than I have in a while, and I loved it!

It makes me so happy to see how happy people are when they come to Yoga-urt. 

It’s been a rough few months for many, and I am so grateful to have this outlet to help spread positive and happy vibes to all that come. 

Either through the chalk wall (which I’m currently in love with), or the yummy Yoga-urt, the service, or peaceful space, I see how it makes people feel and it warms my heart. I will always strive to make people feel good when they come to Yoga-urt.

This weekend was cold and rainy – from Friday – Monday. Very little sunshine if any. I was worried about sales wondering if anyone would venture out. But venture out they did. I have so much gratitude for all who came. 

More rain is expected this week, so I will hope for the best and know since this is L.A., the sun will be back soon.

And in the meantime, our 2nd Annual Pint-O-Rama is going really well – we gave away the 170th pint today (every 10th pint is free) – with 1 week left to go. The Pint-O-Rama was my mom’s idea last year and it did so well, I knew it was going to become an annual thing. 

As for me, I’m doing okay. Still juggling a lot with twists and turns  all of the time, but I’ve been able to slow down a little since I’ve been back from my trips which helps. This journey I’m on is very humbling, exciting, exhausting, and surprising and sometimes all within the same day. 


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