Mid December

During the last few weeks with Yoga-urt, there has been a lot of positives and some challenges.

For the positives, I announced our December Special on Dec. 1st – warm cookie and brownie sundaes – and they have been very popular. People seem to really like them and it has really helped our sales for December, especially compared to last year. I’m so happy that people like them! 

I am so amazed that people are still coming to Yoga-urt even in the very cold LA weather and rain. It touches my heart and I truly can’t express how much it means to me. So much gratitude!

I’m hoping to get some exterior lighting up in the next week or two so that people can see our front signage when it’s dark. Right now, you can’t see anything when you drive by, and that’s not good. I wanted to get this done a few months back, but had to go back  and forth with the property manager, my electrician, etc, and I finally got all of the proper permissions. I hope it looks good as it won’t be anything fancy. 

As for me, this last week was tough. I had a huge deadline at my day job, I wasn’t feeling well, had 2 employees forget their keys to the store, 1 call in sick, and my main soft serve maker injured herself (not at work) early in the week while the other soft serve makers are on vacation. I had to trouble shoot all of this and of course dive in where needed so that we had enough employees and product to meet the needs of the store. I’m exhausted again. It was a lot. Too much. And I still don’t feel great. 

One more week of pushing and then I really hope I can relax a bit over the holidays.

As for that yoga retreat, I haven’t booked it yet, but it’s still calling me. Will probably book the flight early this week!