Cold & Rainy Weather

The weather has finally changed and it is cold and rainy. This definitely impacts Yoga-urt and we had our slowest weekend in a very long time. 

I’m not panicking though. I knew it was coming. And, overall, November has been much better than I thought it was going to be. 

Since December is our slowest month (coldest and darkest), I’ve been planning some specials to hopefully keep people coming. We’ve partnered with 3 vegan chefs for some really tasty treats to be announced soon, that will ONLY be available in December. It’s pretty exciting!!!

This past weekend, we tried a few of the specials out and I found myself styling the treats. I never thought that I would be a food stylist, but there I was. I also never thought I’d own a frozen yogurt store so I guess it is par for the course 🙂 

As for me, I finally feel a little refreshed. I had 4 days off of my day job and only worked at Yoga-urt one of those days, so I had some time to relax, to be with family, and to attend a yoga gathering/class on Saturday night with Sean Corne which was very inspiring. 

I felt somewhat reconnected to how I felt during my yoga bubble year that I’ve gotten so far away from during the last 2 years of work, work, and more work. I want it back! I’m not filled up right now and it is more important now than ever for me to get filled up so I can not only take care of myself, but so that I have more to give to my parents who need it desperately, my team members, my co-workers, my family, my friends, my community, and now the fight to retain our rights as Americans and especially vulnerable people.

That is what I will work towards in 2017 – fill myself up so I have more to give. 

I may start with a yoga retreat at the end of January in Mexico. I just saw the posting today and it called to me. I have not taken a vacation in around 4 years or so. It’s time. I will sit with it for a week or two before deciding, but something about it feels right! 

I go back to work at my day job tomorrow. We have many deadlines so it is a bit crazy, but this long weekend helped and I am very grateful for it.


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