This Week

As a business owner, I struggle with how much I should share about my thoughts on this very divisive election. I want to scream from the rooftops as I feel very strongly, but is that okay to do? Moby seems to have no problem with this and I applaud him, but he is Moby. I am not.

This week changed things in a way I never could’ve imagined. I can’t believe that I am hearing about things like the KKK, gay conversion therapy, swatiskas, tearing families apart, and separation based on color. WTF. Is this real? 

I am shocked like so many other people about how much hate, racism and sexism there seems to be in America. It is scary and it seems like it will likely keep getting worse.

What I do know is that Yoga-urt is a place of love. EVERYONE is welcome there no matter where you are from, whom you love, and what you look like. As long as you are kind to all, you are welcome and always will be.

Yoga-urt is not a political place and yes, that was a conscious decision that I made from the beginning. It was created out of my love for yoga which is about love, community, and finding inner peace. Yoga-urt makes people happy, and I feel more than ever that Yoga-urt’s job & duty is to continue to make people feel happy and safe and loved. I feel so grateful that on a daily basis, I have an outlet to do just that. 

This week has been tough, but I do believe that love is more powerful ultimately than hate. We are at such a critical time and it’s important that we protect our rights, turn to our communities for support, and be kind to one another. 

I’m so glad that I have yoga in my life, as it will help me stay centered through this crazy time. It’s my opportunity to turn off the outside world at those times when I desperately need to, and focus on my breath and my body. I hope that you all have something to do the same as we all need that right now. 

Namaste – The light in me sees the light in you.


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