Your Lovely Words

I wish I could say things are getting easier, but in addition to everything else, my parents are struggling with some major health challenges. It’s been hard for my whole family but we are doing what we can to get through it. It sucks 😦

But I do want to say that when I am feeling down or questioning what I got myself into as I have a lot lately, that’s when our customers truly touch me. Just yesterday, one asked if I was the owner and they were really excited when I said yes. She told me how she and her friends drove from Culver City just to come here and how much they love it. This happened a few times this week with different people and means the world to me. It’s the pick me up I need, and helps to confirm that all of my hard work and sacrifices have been worth it.

Thanks to everyone for all of your kind words. They really mean a lot to me!


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