Vegan Street Fair Nights

What a fun event. Great people. Great space. Great food. Great music. Loved seeing friends. I think most people who came had a really good time.

This is the first festival where everything went smoothly for us and there weren’t any last minute curveballs. Phew!!!

As for business, we were slow the first night as were all of the dessert places, but the second night was definitely better. 

As much fun as it was, I feel relief that it is over. There is so much planning and prep that goes into these festivals and it takes a lot out of me. Doesn’t help that I had a person call in sick on Friday and another one call in sick on Sunday, the day after. Sometimes it feels like I can never catch a break. But I had Monday off of my day job and Yoga-urt so I happily slept and stayed in bed most of the day. I need so much more of that.

I honestly don’t know how many more of these festivals I have in me. We won’t be doing anymore this year, although we do have 2 smaller events we are doing, with one on Sept. 17th. More on that later.

On another note, the nights are starting to get darker and the evenings colder. We had such a great July/August and I’m a little sad that we will inevitably start to slow down. I hope our customers continue to come to Yoga-urt and support us through the colder months. Namaste!


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