Machine Melissa

That’s what I feel like – a machine. I have so much on my plate coming at me from every side at both Yoga-urt and my day job, I just feel like being a machine is the only way I can get it all done. I don’t like it though because not only is it exhausting, but I don’t get to take the time or give the personal touch that I would like. I really hope I can find a way to breathe in the next few weeks as it will benefit all.

In the meantime, there were a lot of first this week:

– First catering job this past Friday. It was for a small group but up this very windy road in Malibu. And I had to do go up/down that road twice. Long story but it seemed to go well.

– First Yoga-urt fundraiser for Madison Greene, a girl that suffers from neurological problems. Thanks to all for coming out to support.

– First time selling over 60 pints in 3 days. They were flying out of our freezer this weekend. 

Now we prepare for a very big week for us. We are doing Vegan Street Fair Nights this Friday and Saturday, plus it’s Labor Day Weekend which was big for us last year. Yes, that’s right 2 nights plus Labor Day weekend. Craziness!

So, what does that mean? Non stop soft serve production all week. I have a plan and I’m relying on my team to pull it off. Hoping all goes smoothly and I have a feeling that I will probably not be able to move come Sunday.

Alright, that’s all for now. Wish I posted more but it’s hard to find the time but I will definitely post next week after our big weekend coming up!


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