Thank You!

As our Anniversary approaches in less than two weeks, and we get closer to our celebration, we wanted to say Thank You!

Thank you for coming to Yoga-urt. 

Thank you for bringing your friends. Your lovers. Your family. Your pets.

Thank you for following us on social media. For posting about us. For tagging us.

Thank you for your beautiful pictures.

Thank you for saying hello and your warm words. 

Thank you for your reactions when you tasted Yoga-urt for the first time, priceless!

Thank you for the beautiful words and art you left on our chalk wall.

Thank you for including us in your press/articles.

Thank you for your nice reviews.

Thank you for driving long distances to come to our store.

Thank you for telling people about us.

Thank you for sharing your love of Yoga-urt with us because seeing you enjoy it is the best part. 

A year ago, no one knew who or what we were. I remember right before our soft opening, how vulnerable I felt. Will they like the soft serve? Will they accept our strange name? Will they come to Glendale? Will they understand our product? 

But I know that vulnerability is something to embrace and connects people, and that gave me the strength to move forward. 

When I think of how far we’ve come in a year, I am blown away and that’s because of all of you!

I just wanted to let you all know how much the Yoga-urt Team and I thank you for an amazing first year. We see you, we hear you, and we love you!

Thank you!


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