6 Days until Vegan Beer Fest

6 days to go until Vegan Beer Fest. I can’t believe it. Once again, I’m really nervous as there is so much to do and it’s only our second festival so I hope we’ll be received well, people will show up, and everything goes smoothly. 

It will be a big push this week to get ready followed by a crazy day on Saturday. But I reminded myself today that I need to have fun with it. How cool is it that we will be there? Super cool. There are so many amazing restaurants and we are included. We got pretty good billing on the flyer too. 

Production has begun. All the ingredients have been purchased. Schedules have been made. We have to make lots of extra product and waffle cones this week, but we’ll get it done. 

So excited to introduce Yoga-urt to new people, see some of our regulars and friends, and hopefully try some delicious food myself. I will continue to remind myself to have fun and let the rest go. Here we go! 



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