AC Issues & Juggling

It’s been a few weeks since my last post. Business has been good and I’ve just been juggling like usual.

This past week, we had a lot of problems with our AC unit, which impacted our soft serve machines – not fun. The machines produce a lot of heat, so when the AC isn’t working, they can stop working. I met with the AC guy many times over the last week, and it’s been working well for the last few days so hopefully all is resolved. I hate disappointing our customers.

I had a chance to stop by VegFest this past weekend. I didn’t stay for too long because the lines were huge, but it was cool to see the turnout and to see it from the guest perspective. 

We are slowly preparing for our next festival which I will announce soon. I always get nervous about them, but at least this time, I don’t have to worry about the soft serve machine because we aren’t allowed to bring it anyway.
I’m still exhausted and I never really get a break for myself between my day job and Yoga-urt – but this is the life I’ve chosen and how it has to be right now. 

So many excited things are on the horizon including heading towards our 1 year anniversary in July. It’s hard to believe. The planning has begun and I really want to celebrate that weekend!



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