Sweet Moments

I stopped by Yoga-urt briefly last night and some grandparents came in with two teenage girls, I’m assuming their grandchildren. They ordered their Yoga-urt, and then went to to the back patio.

The Grandpa came back in and asked me why he drove 12 miles to come here when he is closer to Pinkberry. His family, I’m guessing the teens, insisted they come here. He was asking nicely, what is so special about us.

I told him that we make the soft serve in house from scratch. We start by making almond milk, then add cashews, and use all organic ingredients. He was surprised to hear that there was no dairy. He was half way through his bowl, but had no idea.

I then explained that we have no artificial Flavors or sweeteners and add in probiotics. It’s a very clean product. Plus we use biodegradable cups/bowls, spoons, and napkins.

He then said he understands why he drove 12 miles 🙂

It was a sweet moment with a sweet man. I love these moments so much. The people that come to Yoga-urt, their reactions to it, are priceless. 

We got a Yelp review today that touched my heart as well. The reviewer ended by saying the soft serve is prepared with healthy ingredients and love. He got it! Lots of love went into this and it means so much when people recognize it. 

I think we have a big weekend ahead. Looking forward to a lot more of these moments! 



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