Springing Forward

We had a great weekend! Today was our best day yet in sales!!! Woohoo!!!

This is due to a lot of things, but partly because 5 Everyday posted about us on Saturday, which is the second time they’ve done that and we are so appreciative. 

So many lovely people came to the store. It is so cool that we have so many regulars, as well as new people coming all of the time. 

Plus, we sold 23 pints!!!! Yes, 23. I think that is a record for 1 day. Also smoothies, hot chocolate, iced coffee, banana splits. Some of everything. 

For me personally, although it was a very productive day and so much fun to be at the store, it was also long and exhausting. I started my spring forward day meeting a repairman at the shop at 9:30am to fix one of our machines that has been acting up the last 2 weeks. I ended my day at 7:30pm, making the chocolate flavor because we ran out, with lots of juggling in between! 

The time change and Spring will be very good for Yoga-urt.  

Right now, the big push is for the Vegan Street Fair, but it really feels like this is our time. The start of something great. Should be a really interesting month ahead.



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