My “Risky” Location

After yoga tonight, I stopped by Yoga-urt and it was busy, so I stayed for about an hour to help.

One of our customers realized that I was the owner and wanted to say hi. He told me that it was very risky to open my business in this location. I agreed but asked him why he said that. He said because there are no vegan places around here. If I opened in Silverlake or Hollywood, it would be totally accepted, but this area is different. 

He said that he noticed that a lot of people who come are not vegan and some don’t even realize it is all vegan, they are just looking for frozen yogurt. He could tell that we get a mix of people, which is awesome because the non-vegans like the taste and start to have an appreciation for vegan food.

This meant a lot to me. I do know this, but it’s nice to see other people pick up on it too! 

It was a huge risk to pick this location. Not only are there no vegan places around, but the neighborhood can be sleepy and most businesses close at 7pm. 
So you might ask, why did I pick it? I picked it for many reasons. It has a yoga studio on the block. It has 4 other exercise places too. It is 5 minutes from my condo and not far from my other job. The neighborhood is cute and promising. The rent isn’t too bad. There is only one other frozen yogurt store in Glendale. Those were my reasons.

But I still question this location choice from time to time because of all of the “risky” reasons. At the end of the day, I went with my gut, which told me that this location would work. I decided not to let fear take over and to trust that it felt right.

I’m not going to lie and that say I haven’t questioned it at times since we opened, but when I do, I remind myself that I chose this as the first location for a reason and I need to have trust and faith that it was the right choice.

In the last 2 months, there has been a shift and I feel like the neighborhood is accepting us more and more. Those that might have been resistant to trying us at first because of being vegan/organic, are coming around. That makes me happy!

This has been a tough week for me personally. My parents are both having health challenges and I’m dealing with a lot all around. Although I’m exhausted, I’m glad I’m working at Yoga-urt tomorrow because I love it there, risk and all!



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