First Workshop at Yoga-urt

We had our first workshop today on Yoga-urt’s patio. What a crazy day! It was a kombucha workshop, showing how to make your own brews, organized by Kombucha Hunter and it sold out.

We fit about 18 people back there and it was tight because we had workshop tables set up. The crazy part is that it rained most of the day and the workshop was on our patio, with lots of people. Luckily we had tarps up to protect the tables, but the floor was wet and we would’ve been screwed if it poured during the workshop.

It magically stopped raining just before it started. Amazing! It was packed back there but it worked out fine. We’ll probably do another one in March/April. 

Tomorrow is our meditation workshop and it is supposed to be very windy and cold. This weather is killing me, but what can we do. We have a heater and hopefully all goes well. 

I just remembered that it actually rained during our first day of soft opening back in July – that’s right, rain in July. So maybe it’s good luck in some way.

I’m so excited to have workshops at Yoga-urt, as I want our place to feel like a yoga studio and bring the community together. This was a great first step in that direction 🙂




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