Quite a Week

Wow, this has been quite a week and it’s only Tuesday. 

First off, someone called in sick on Sunday so I worked the store by myself until 5pm, and then stayed until close to 9 to help the pm shift, who was nice enough to let me leave and do closing duties by himself. It was a long 10 hour day as we were consistently busy, and a hard way to start my week, but also so much fun to be there and meet all of the customers.

I met someone who said that he read my whole entire blog (hi Jaime:) after finding it through yelp. That’s amazing!  I met someone who may have ideas or tips on expansion. Two yoga friends came by. Our customers are awesome!!! Plus, my sister and her  family came which always makes me happy.

On another note, there is a big effort right now to improve Kenneth Village where we are located. A nice man has taken it upon himself to raise some money for improvements. He is also trying to get feedback from the neighborhood and get the merchants involved. It’s been really interesting to read the thoughts of the community. Some ideas are very exciting. Farmer’s market. Neighborhood night out. Holiday lights. Community activities.

Hopefully, some of these ideas will move forward!




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