Best Froyo

I had an hour or so to kill today while waiting for my phone to get fixed. There were two frozen yogurt stores close by, so I decided to check them out. It’s been a while since I tasted others’ frozen yogurt.  I hear all of the time from people that once they taste ours, the rest is ruined.

Now I know why. I know that I’m totally biased, but after tasting theirs, ours is so much better. Our Flavors are so much richer and cleaner. I was surprised with how noticeable the difference was. 

People say that we are the best vegan froyo out there, but in my humble opinion, we can compete with the best froyo, vegan or not. Yes, I’m biased, but doesn’t mean it’s not true, right?

We are currently working on our fall flavor. We ran it through the machine this week and it’s pretty good, but it does need a little tweaking.  Aiming to have it ready by 10/31.

With the weather changing, the store has been a little slower. I hear from other store owners in Kenneth Village, that it picks up in a few weeks for the holidays. That will be good.  We have some exciting things planned. Should be fun! 



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