Today was Surreal

Today was surreal for me!  

I was in Yoga-urt by myself (except for some customers here and there) listening to beautiful music and making our gluten-free waffle cones – mixing the batter, placing on waffle cone maker, rolling into shape, and selling to our customers. 

It felt good. Really good. The song was perfect. The store was beautiful. The customers were happy. I knew what I was doing. 

It was such an incredible feeling in so many ways. It actually happened. Yoga-urt is a fully functioning restaurant and people are enjoying it. The last few months have been so crazy for me that I’ve barely had a chance to breathe. That was my moment and I took it in. 

I also realized in that moment, that if I can do this, bring Yoga-urt to reality after it started with a joke 4 years ago, I know for a fact that ANYONE can do WHATEVER it is they set their mind to. ANYTHING! 

I had no money, no restaurant experience, and no knowledge on how to create our own products. What I did have was curiosity (thanks Liz Gilbert),  persistance, and a drive like I never had before. Of course, hard work was there too! It didn’t happen overnight and it wasn’t easy, but it happened!  How cool is that?

And people are coming to Yoga-urt and loving our soft serve, waffle cones, smoothies, etc.  It’s crazy and awesome and everything that you would think that it would be.
I always ask people who come in how they heard about us.  I hear everything – live in the neighborhood, LA YOGA Magazine, PETA, Instagram, Jason Wrobel, VegNews, etc. I love hearing ALL of it.

I always knew in my heart that Yoga-urt was a destination location. I had people tell me over the 4 years it took to get it open that no one is going to drive more than 5 minutes for frozen yogurt, 10 minutes at the most.

Well, guess what, people are coming from Hollywood, Silverlake, Santa Monica, Arcadia, and even Rancho Cucamanga among other cities. And they keep coming back.  It means so much to me and I am truly grateful.

I hope that I have more opportunities to take it all in as the journey continues. It’s a special time and I don’t want it to pass me by. 



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