Great Yoga-urt Day!

Yesterday was a great Yoga-urt day!

We were lucky enough to have Carolyn Scott-Hamilton from The Healthy Voyager host an “ice cream” social at Yoga-urt. It was a great turn out and people loved it. Yay!

The best part, as always, is seeing people’s joy when eating Yoga-urt. I love the reactions.  Everyone loves it, but vegans in particular are so happy.
Then I got home and saw that VegNews had listed us at the top of their 8 Best Places to Get Vegan Frozen Yogurt –

How awesome is that? I didn’t even think that they knew who we are – but they did!  
Finally, this adorable older couple that look like hippies came to Yoga-urt on Tuesday night.  They had read about us in LA YOGA Magazine and immediately drove out all of the way from Santa Monica.  They are vegan and gluten free and loved it, tasting everything and getting a waffle cone filled with yumminess. 

When they found out that I was the woman that left her job for a year and created Yoga-urt,  they were so excited and gave me hugs. They were incredibly sweet, giving me some suggestions on how to expand (like to Santa Monica), and really made my day!

Moments like these remind me why I did this in the first place. I cherish each one!

#yogaurt #nourishyourself #organic #vegan #glutenfree #healthyvoyager #vegnews #glendale   


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