Two Months

We’ve now been open for 2 months. It’s so hard to believe. The push to open was so crazy and now we are really starting to find our groove.

I think the hardest part for me is not being at the store enough. I love being there. Seeing people’s reactions and how happy most of them are when they come, is truly the best part. The vegan community in particular has completely embraced us. I mentioned this before, but people continue to drive from far distances. This past weekend I heard Canyon Country, Huntington Beach, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Long Beach, and even Seattle! We are so grateful.

Even with all of that, now that school is back in session, the weeks are a little slower which always has me worried. We are an expensive store to run and so every dollar counts. The weekends usually make up for it, but I do worry some. However, I trust and have faith that it will be okay. That’s what got me through the last 4 years and my gut has always said everything will be fine.

Every week has its challenges, but all I can do is address them head on and make adjustments as necessary. For example, we are finally serving green tea. People have been asking since we opened   and today was the first day we offered it. I announced it on social media so people want to try it.

Well, guess what? We only have enough green tea/matcha powder to get through tomorrow. I thought that we had a lot more, but I guess not. Now I have to see if we can pick some up tomorrow, even though the email today from the supplier said it takes 3 days to deliver. Otherwise, we will run out sometime on Thursday. Lovely!!!
There’s always something – sometimes big and sometimes small. It definitely keeps life interesting.

The first 2 months were so crazy, wonderful, exciting, exhausting, and perfect! I can’t wait to see what is in store for the next one! 



Today was Surreal

Today was surreal for me!  

I was in Yoga-urt by myself (except for some customers here and there) listening to beautiful music and making our gluten-free waffle cones – mixing the batter, placing on waffle cone maker, rolling into shape, and selling to our customers. 

It felt good. Really good. The song was perfect. The store was beautiful. The customers were happy. I knew what I was doing. 

It was such an incredible feeling in so many ways. It actually happened. Yoga-urt is a fully functioning restaurant and people are enjoying it. The last few months have been so crazy for me that I’ve barely had a chance to breathe. That was my moment and I took it in. 

I also realized in that moment, that if I can do this, bring Yoga-urt to reality after it started with a joke 4 years ago, I know for a fact that ANYONE can do WHATEVER it is they set their mind to. ANYTHING! 

I had no money, no restaurant experience, and no knowledge on how to create our own products. What I did have was curiosity (thanks Liz Gilbert),  persistance, and a drive like I never had before. Of course, hard work was there too! It didn’t happen overnight and it wasn’t easy, but it happened!  How cool is that?

And people are coming to Yoga-urt and loving our soft serve, waffle cones, smoothies, etc.  It’s crazy and awesome and everything that you would think that it would be.
I always ask people who come in how they heard about us.  I hear everything – live in the neighborhood, LA YOGA Magazine, PETA, Instagram, Jason Wrobel, VegNews, etc. I love hearing ALL of it.

I always knew in my heart that Yoga-urt was a destination location. I had people tell me over the 4 years it took to get it open that no one is going to drive more than 5 minutes for frozen yogurt, 10 minutes at the most.

Well, guess what, people are coming from Hollywood, Silverlake, Santa Monica, Arcadia, and even Rancho Cucamanga among other cities. And they keep coming back.  It means so much to me and I am truly grateful.

I hope that I have more opportunities to take it all in as the journey continues. It’s a special time and I don’t want it to pass me by. 


Great Yoga-urt Day!

Yesterday was a great Yoga-urt day!

We were lucky enough to have Carolyn Scott-Hamilton from The Healthy Voyager host an “ice cream” social at Yoga-urt. It was a great turn out and people loved it. Yay!

The best part, as always, is seeing people’s joy when eating Yoga-urt. I love the reactions.  Everyone loves it, but vegans in particular are so happy.
Then I got home and saw that VegNews had listed us at the top of their 8 Best Places to Get Vegan Frozen Yogurt –

How awesome is that? I didn’t even think that they knew who we are – but they did!  
Finally, this adorable older couple that look like hippies came to Yoga-urt on Tuesday night.  They had read about us in LA YOGA Magazine and immediately drove out all of the way from Santa Monica.  They are vegan and gluten free and loved it, tasting everything and getting a waffle cone filled with yumminess. 

When they found out that I was the woman that left her job for a year and created Yoga-urt,  they were so excited and gave me hugs. They were incredibly sweet, giving me some suggestions on how to expand (like to Santa Monica), and really made my day!

Moments like these remind me why I did this in the first place. I cherish each one!

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PETA’S Instagram

Today was amazing! PETA posted a picture on Instagram and we already have over 4,000 likes. OMG!!!! It’s crazy.  

It was just the pick me up I needed too, because although this weekend was our best yet, today was slow. I always worry when it’s slow.  

A few other people posted beautiful pics on Instagram today as well, so I have so much gratitude!  

I closed the store tonight and I have to say that I LOVE being there and seeing people’s reactions.  It’s so much fun and we love our customers!!!!


Labor Day WeekendĀ 

First of all, we had our best weekend yet by far. That is so awesome!!! I think it was a mixture of so many things – the LA YOGA Magazine feature, the 5 Every Day App listing, the holiday weekend, and the extra 10% off that we gave. Whatever it was, we were busy. 
I worked all day on Sunday and it was so nice to see all of the customers come in. My family and friends showed up too which was great. I love being at Yoga-urt. Time flies by.  

As for the LA YOGA Magazine feature, I found out on Friday about it. It made me so happy, as yoga is my passion and my inspiration for Yoga-urt! What an honor and so so exciting! I can hardly believe it. Here it is –

We did have one negative thing happen with our production process and it was a huge challenge (and costly one too) that we had to overcome on Friday. We managed to turn it around, but not ideal. Thanks to my team for pitching in over the weekend!

Other exciting news is that I got a new car this weekend because my 15 yr old car basically became undrivable a few weeks ago. I’ve been using a rental car since then as I had no time to look for a car. I set my goals on getting the new car on Saturday night, and I did. So relieved that’s over. I would’ve gotten a new car years ago, but decided to save my money for Yoga-urt instead. I guess the universe thought that since Yoga-urt is open now, it was time. 

I’m excited to see what this week will bring. Namaste!