Catching Up!

Well, things have not slowed down yet.  It was crazy this week, but that’s mostly due to my niece’s bat mitzvah this past weekend and a client visit at my job this week.  I can’t blame it on Yoga-urt this time 🙂

The exciting news for this week is that some prominent vegan leaders found us and are spreading the word.  That’s exciting.  Our Instagram and Facebook pages have jumped which will hopefully translate into more people coming to our store.  

There was also a great article about Yoga-urt that came out this week by Vegan LA News.  It was very complimentary and I’m very grateful!

We officially got our plant license number today and we should be ready to sell pints from our store within the next week.  Yay for that!!!

A lot of my friends and family are visiting us which means a lot to me. I’m not always there when they come, but still so happy that they are coming.  

Another thing that I’m really grateful for is my back.  I’ve closed the store many times over the last few weeks and it’s very physical.  We have to bring in lots of tables/chairs as well as clean the frozen yogurt machines.  I would not have been able to do this 8-9 years ago.  I’m so grateful that my body is strong and doing great and a lot of that is due to yoga.

Speaking of yoga, I’ve barely been able to do it over the last few weeks. Too busy.  My goal is to take a class tomorrow and then definitely this weekend!!!


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