Grand Opening – Day 1

I’m not sure how to explain yesterday. It’s a bit of a blur.  Overall, it was a great day.  So many friends and family came as well as the Kenneth Village community and others who wanted to try it.  The support was overwhelming.

We opened our doors at 10:30am, and we had customers all day long, almost without a break.

The reaction to our soft serve was overwhelmingly positive.  People seemed to love it.  I’m not surprised, but love hearing it and seeing their reactions.  

I could see that the Yoga-urt team was starting to find their groove, although we have a ways to go.

There were some challenging parts to the day as well.  On and off, the salted caramel and chocolate would come out too liquidy.  We think it’s because if the heat coming out of the machines, not allowing them to freeze. We moved the machines further apart and hope that fixes it.

Then, we ran out of product at a certain point.  I felt so bad disappointing people.  We weren’t expecting to get such a great turnout.  Since we make our own product in house and it only has so long of a shelf life, we are still figuring out how much to make.  This will take us a while to figure out.  Most people understood but one guy was mean.  Oh well. We did the best we could.

We have wonderful Erika coming in at 6am today to start making the almond milk and base so that we have our Flavors for today. I thought the amount we made was going to get us through the entire weekend, but boy, was I wrong.  I only hope the 2 gallons of each flavor will get us through today!

There was one scary incident that happened with someone that had a nut allergy.  I really hope this boy is okay and I’m sending positive thoughts to him and his family. 

Now we prepare for Grand Opening – Day 2! 



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