The Pressure & Final Approvals

The pressure this week was off the charts.  Just crazy!!!!  I don’t know if anyone really knew how much I felt.  

We had to pass 7 inspections this week.  That’s right, 7!!!  

An article went out a few weeks ago that said our opening was on July 18th, plus, I sent out an invite for a friends/family party for Sunday night, and there are several things planned for next week as we approach Grand Opening on July 25/26. 

I had no guarantee that we would pass the inspections but I had to plan everything like we would.   Not to mention, I’ve never been through inspections before.  The health dept and milk/dairy scared me the most. Milk/dairy was to license us to be a manufacturing plant.  

My big goal this week was to pass inspections.  Everything came down to that.  Everything!  

Guess what, we passed every single inspection.  We just got final city an hour ago!!!!  It is surreal!!!

My GC scared me to death though.  He texted me that he had bad news.  For 5 minutes, as I waited for him to call me, I went into panick mode. 

I have to cancel the party. 

Notify everyone working this weekend. 

Put it on social media.  

Postpone everything.  
My heart was pounding.  Then I called him and it was a joke.  OMG!!! I started shaking.  Everything that built up all week went through my body at that moment.

I am so relieved and excited but there is so much to do today this weekend that I am just focusing on powering through.  

The troops are coming in to help and we will do the best we can to pull off this weekend.




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