Inspection Update

So far so good!  We passed electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and milk/dairy today.  Woohoo!!!  I was so nervous about milk/dairy, as they are the ones that license you to be a manufacturing plant.  It went very smoothly.

Tomorrow, we have the preliminary health inspection.  I’m nervous about this one too.  Having never gone through this before, I don’t know what to expect.  Really hoping for the best as this and the final city are the two left.  We are so close!  

Tomorrow will be a crazy day juggling my full-time job with the millions of things happening at the store tomorrow (inspection, paint, menu board, final details for the city, security camera installed, gas company, AT&T, etc.).  

I will try to breathe through it because it’s the only way to get through.  I so wish that I could take a yoga class, but no time right now.  Sleep will help so to bed I go.


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