Schedule Changes

Yesterday was a tough day.  It became clear as I talked to the GC about different things that they need more time.  Not a lot more, but there is a lot left to do and every day counts. 

I officially decided this morning that our grand opening will push a week to allow a few more days for construction and inspections.  It’s a costly move for me but the best decision so that we don’t all go crazy next week with an impossible schedule.

The good news is that I was at the store today and it is looking so good.  I’m really happy with the floor.  I was nervous about it but it turned out great.  The FRP went up today.  The equipment is starting to get put in the right place.  We picked the paint colors with the exception of the bathroom.  We started talking about how to fix up the patio.  

My GC is working tomorrow on the holiday to do the lights. Then on Sunday, they place the subway tiles and other misc stuff.  Monday is for painting and on from there.

It’s all coming together and looking so good!!!!  I can’t even fully express what it feels like to see it come alive.  So much heart and soul went into every decision.  It’s my baby and I can’t wait to share it with everyone!


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