Where to Begin

It’s been quite a week!  I had to rebound from the Graphic Designer situation at the same time as moving forward with construction and everything else. It’s been non-stop, but I feel like we are in pretty good shape heading into the few weeks before Grand Opening!

We have a lot to do to get the store ready for inspections but that’s the goal over the next 5-6 days.  The floor will be finished tomorrow and all of the equipment should be in by Monday.  We still have to paint, tile, finish counter, hang lights, and all of the millions of other things, but I have a good team and we will do it.

Yesterday, my R&D team and I went to Taylor’s to run through the making of the soft serve from scratch.  It was a long day, but fun. I had to bring all of the ingredients plus the equipment so it was a lot, but worth it. It was so good to be reminded of how good the soft serve tastes.  Yummy!  

Now I need to finalize pricing, finish all of the promotional items, order the tensing things needed, and make it all come together.

PR is moving full steam ahead this week as well.  I’m so curious to see how that goes, who might run a story, etc. 

As for me, I’m exhausted, but it’s crunch time and I’m up for the challenge.

I keep hearing from people that they are excited for this place to open.  That makes me feel so good.  That this dream that I pursued out of nothing, and for 4 years, has people excited.  

I’m so proud of what we are creating and I hope it brings joy into people’s lives.  That would make me so happy.  



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