Ups and Downs

So many ups and downs in one day!  

One big thing I’ve been dealing with is the floor. My interior designer and I picked a nice sage epoxy floor, but apparently we can’t get that color for 10 business days.  That won’t work.  It would delay our opening by a few weeks.  Ugh!

So we found another brand that we could get quicker, but I don’t love the colors.  Some are okay and we’ll probably go with the silver, but I wish I could get my first choice.  Oh well!  It’s more important right now that we stay on schedule so I will make the best choice under the circumstances.

Some good news is that I we found the wood today for the counter.  Yay!!!  We needed to get that done!

This week, paint swatches are going up so that we can hopefully finalize wall colors. This is scary but also exciting.

On another note, my graphic designer told me today that she can’t work on Yoga-urt anymore because she got offered a higher paying job and they needed her to start right away. Lovely! What a great time for that to happen, right before opening. I haven’t fully absorbed this yet.  I need to sleep on it.  Tomorrow is a new day and I know a lot of designers so I think I’ll be okay.

The best news is that I got a call tonight on my cell from someone asking for Yoga-urt.  This has happened a few times and makes me so happy.  They want to know when we will be opening and are excited about us.  It’s such a good reminder for me about why I’m doing all of this.

After all of the ups and downs, I will focus on that as I get ready for bed and deal with the roller coaster ride tomorrow.


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