A month to go

It looks like we will open in a month! All of our rough inspections are done with the city and now we just have the final inspections.  There is SO MUCH to do but it is going to be an exciting month.

I met with my PR person today and she is writing up the press release now and planning some stuff for my opening. I’m so curious to see what kind of response she will get.  I know that we created something really cool so hoping for the best.  

This month is going to go by so fast.   Timing is going to be key with how all of the construction pieces are lined up.  I’m really happy with my GC so far, so hoping we stay on schedule.  I will need to make a lot of decisions over the next few weeks which is not my favorite thing to do, but do it I will!

I’m hesitant to pick an opening date, but we have to have a date to plan for.  Our opening date will most likely be July 18th, with soft opening the week before.  July 18th!  

I have to remind myself that it doesn’t have to be perfect.  I can always add or change things after we open.  As long as everything works, the rest will come together when the timing is right.  

I’m nervous.  I’m excited! I’m scared!  I’m grateful! So many emotions all at once.  

The countdown begins!


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