So Grateful!

I have some good news!  We resolved the plumbing issue and the inspector is coming out tomorrow.  I’m hoping that goes well so that they can pour the concrete and we can move forward.  In some ways, it was nice to have a couple extra weeks but I still wish this never happened.

Early next week, I will talk schedule with my GC to get a better idea about when we can open.  That is the million dollar question.

In the meantime, our retail section is really starting to come together.  We got some really cool things, at least I think so.  I ordered everything today so retail is in good shape!

I also got info on a payroll system for Yoga-urt today. I hate to say this after I did my fedex post a few months back and everything went horribly wrong with the first delivery, but it was really exciting to discuss payroll. Although I prefer to receive a paycheck then to give one, it was still exciting to talk about it. I can’t believe that I was talking about my own payroll!

I’ve been an employee for so long and I’ve never been on the other side.  I think what makes it so exciting is that it means Yoga-urt will have employees.  Finally.  Employees.  That means it’s really happening.  

This weekend, I am interviewing potential cashier/servers.  My store manager already met with most so I’m expecting them to be good.  That would be great since we are opening soon.

When I actually have a moment to stop and rest, I get really excited thinking about the next few months.  This is it.  I’m going to see my baby come to life.  So grateful!


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