Ups and Downs

So many ups and downs in one day!  

One big thing I’ve been dealing with is the floor. My interior designer and I picked a nice sage epoxy floor, but apparently we can’t get that color for 10 business days.  That won’t work.  It would delay our opening by a few weeks.  Ugh!

So we found another brand that we could get quicker, but I don’t love the colors.  Some are okay and we’ll probably go with the silver, but I wish I could get my first choice.  Oh well!  It’s more important right now that we stay on schedule so I will make the best choice under the circumstances.

Some good news is that I we found the wood today for the counter.  Yay!!!  We needed to get that done!

This week, paint swatches are going up so that we can hopefully finalize wall colors. This is scary but also exciting.

On another note, my graphic designer told me today that she can’t work on Yoga-urt anymore because she got offered a higher paying job and they needed her to start right away. Lovely! What a great time for that to happen, right before opening. I haven’t fully absorbed this yet.  I need to sleep on it.  Tomorrow is a new day and I know a lot of designers so I think I’ll be okay.

The best news is that I got a call tonight on my cell from someone asking for Yoga-urt.  This has happened a few times and makes me so happy.  They want to know when we will be opening and are excited about us.  It’s such a good reminder for me about why I’m doing all of this.

After all of the ups and downs, I will focus on that as I get ready for bed and deal with the roller coaster ride tomorrow.


This Weekend

This weekend is filled with interviews, purchasing stuff for the store, making schedules for trainings and opening, picking interior design elements, dealing with big schedule issues dealing with epoxy floor, planning marketing over the next few weeks, and so much more.  The list is endless.

It’s also my dad’s birthday and Father’s Day so I’ll definitely have some family time.

Originally, I really wanted Yoga-urt to open this weekend for Summer Solstice/Father’s Day. That was the goal but unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we weren’t able to do it. The universe had other plans.

On June 30th, my R&D team and I are going to meet once again at Taylor to run through the process, from scratch. of making 5-6 gallons of our base and one flavor.  This is so we can find any kinks in the system, see how long it takes, and try to streamline the process.  The only thing we won’t be testing that day is the kettle, so we’ll have to do that in the store. 

We will then adapt this info as needed for our training manual to prepare for training our soft serve makers.  We are building a manufacturing plant after all (I still can’t believe I’m saying that!!!).

One very challenging thing right now is that I need to start ordering everything (ingredients, toppings, equipment, etc) but my store is a construction site so nothing can be delivered there, especially until after the epoxy is done and dried.  What does that mean, well, it means my condo is getting filled with boxes.  I came home last night to a mountain of boxes at my front door.  Crazy!  Luckily, I have a large living room with high ceilings.  I will need it.  It will be so much easier in the future when I can have things delivered directly to the store.  I can’t wait for that!!!!

Alright, that’s all for now!!!

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A month to go

It looks like we will open in a month! All of our rough inspections are done with the city and now we just have the final inspections.  There is SO MUCH to do but it is going to be an exciting month.

I met with my PR person today and she is writing up the press release now and planning some stuff for my opening. I’m so curious to see what kind of response she will get.  I know that we created something really cool so hoping for the best.  

This month is going to go by so fast.   Timing is going to be key with how all of the construction pieces are lined up.  I’m really happy with my GC so far, so hoping we stay on schedule.  I will need to make a lot of decisions over the next few weeks which is not my favorite thing to do, but do it I will!

I’m hesitant to pick an opening date, but we have to have a date to plan for.  Our opening date will most likely be July 18th, with soft opening the week before.  July 18th!  

I have to remind myself that it doesn’t have to be perfect.  I can always add or change things after we open.  As long as everything works, the rest will come together when the timing is right.  

I’m nervous.  I’m excited! I’m scared!  I’m grateful! So many emotions all at once.  

The countdown begins!

So Grateful!

I have some good news!  We resolved the plumbing issue and the inspector is coming out tomorrow.  I’m hoping that goes well so that they can pour the concrete and we can move forward.  In some ways, it was nice to have a couple extra weeks but I still wish this never happened.

Early next week, I will talk schedule with my GC to get a better idea about when we can open.  That is the million dollar question.

In the meantime, our retail section is really starting to come together.  We got some really cool things, at least I think so.  I ordered everything today so retail is in good shape!

I also got info on a payroll system for Yoga-urt today. I hate to say this after I did my fedex post a few months back and everything went horribly wrong with the first delivery, but it was really exciting to discuss payroll. Although I prefer to receive a paycheck then to give one, it was still exciting to talk about it. I can’t believe that I was talking about my own payroll!

I’ve been an employee for so long and I’ve never been on the other side.  I think what makes it so exciting is that it means Yoga-urt will have employees.  Finally.  Employees.  That means it’s really happening.  

This weekend, I am interviewing potential cashier/servers.  My store manager already met with most so I’m expecting them to be good.  That would be great since we are opening soon.

When I actually have a moment to stop and rest, I get really excited thinking about the next few months.  This is it.  I’m going to see my baby come to life.  So grateful!

Roller Coaster Ride

Well, this is definitely a roller coaster ride.  

The construction issue is not resolved yet and it looks like mid next week is probably the soonest that it will happen.  It’s so frustrating.  We’ve basically lost 2 weeks and there is nothing that I can do about it.  We have so much left to do, but until we get this one approval, we are basically on hold.

There was some progress this week though.  Electrical was approved today.  Mechanical was almost approved but with a few minor notes.  

The interior design is starting to come together.  I ordered a sample pendant that came in today and I’m so happy with it.  I put it next to my paint and counter samples and I love the way it’s looking.  

Other progress is that I found some great retail items that I think people will like. Stickers were designed for the smoothie cups.  Website is starting to shape up. Shirts with the logo were ordered.  Recipe book is close to being finished. Interviews are going well.

I’m choosing to detach from the construction issue for the weekend since there is nothing that I can do about it anyway.  

By the way, here is a picture of my Yoga-urt “office”.  I spend a lot of time here lately, usually from 7pm to 11pm/12am.  It’s not always messy :). 


Super Everything

Someone was congratulating me on Yoga-urt today and said that it is super exciting.  I agreed and said that it is super exciting and super everything.  

It’s pretty intense right now.  There is so much to do and not enough time in the day. Plus, this is the first week that it affected my sleep.  I’ve been waking up around 4/5am with so much on my mind, I can’t fall back to sleep.  Not good!  Hopefully, this will stop soon as I need to be at the top of my game to keep up with everything.

The construction issue is on the way to resolving and I hope that we will be caught up by the end of this coming week.  We’ll see.  If not, I guess the universe thought that I needed a little more time.  

I met my fantastic interior designer at Dunn Edwards today to pick paint colors.  I think we made some good picks.  I’m notoriously horrible at picking colors as my family will tell you. When I painted my condo 10 years ago, I changed the color 5 times. I love what I ended up with but it was painful getting there.  At least this time, I have a professional working with me!

Finally, I have to share something about my family.  I had dinner with my parents a week ago and my dad was actually fighting tears as he told me how proud he was of me.  I’m getting teary just writing this.  He asked me if he had been my biggest doubter, and the truth is that he might’ve been.  However, ever since he saw the space about 7/8 months ago, it was clear that he could see it. 

My parents have been on their own journey with Yoga-urt.  I think, deep down, they always knew that I could do this but never thought that I would.  They have been with me every step of the way, even before they were fully onboard, especially this last year – through the ups and downs of getting the SBA loan, R&D, securing the lease in Kenneth Village, etc.  

My mom even wrote me an email yesterday noting how Yoga-urt is now their baby too and how excited they are.  How can I ask for more than that 🙂