Challenging Few Weeks & Construction Begins

The last few weeks were really hard.  The plans were approved on April 30th, and we didn’t start construction until today.  We lost 2 weeks.  It killed me.  I’ve been dealing with 2 different contractors, trying to get the best deal for my tight budget, but also needing them to provide me with certain things (contract, liability insurance, etc).  It was a struggle, every step of the way.  Every day that passed pushed out my opening another day. Ugh.  Plus the stress of how much it is costing me. Not fun!

The good news is that we finally did start construction TODAY!  Yay!!!  I feel sooooo much better.  I got the documents at the very last minute from the GC,  but I got them.  In one day, they were able to demo the whole thing.  Crazy!

Part of me hopes that the construction goes fast so we can get open.  The other part of me is really nervous about the opening and I’m glad that it’s not happening quite yet.

The next few weeks will be interesting.  I really hope that I can enjoy them as I watch my vision come to life.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity with lots of exciting possibilities, and I want to savor it.  That is my goal for the next month or so.  To savor this time.  To work harder than I ever have before, but savor every moment.  Deep breath and here we go! 


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