Waffle Cones & Interesting Conversations

It’s been an interesting week. Construction has not started yet as there were some things to work out with the GC. Hoping to work them out tomorrow so we can start construction early this coming week.  It is never easy!

Wherever I go, people are asking me when we will open.  That is the million dollar question.  Hoping for sometime in June.  The sooner the better!

Today, I did a tasting for the waffle cone.  It was delicious.  Like a cookie!  The recipe is pretty much done.  Yay!!! We still need to taste it with the soft serve and finalize the gluten free option, but I think it will all work.  
 Yesterday, I got an interesting reaction about Yoga-urt from some people at the nearby yoga studio.  After class, they heard that I was the owner and were excited to hear that and get the coming soon postcard.  It felt good!  But then, there was some disappointed upon hearing that it was all vegan.  I guess they didn’t like some vegan ice cream that they had tried before.  They were worried that they would miss the dairy.

I explained that we have created our own product, that I’m not vegan either, but that our product is delicious.  I could see the still concerned look on their faces.  They said samples would be good and I said that we will definitely be giving out free samples in the beginning.  

The bottom line is that there might be a bias, but, once people taste it, I’m confident that they will love it and have to trust in that. It’s just really good!!!

Finally, I had a sub today in Pilates class, and the sub’s sister owns a frozen yogurt store in Beverly Hills.  She told me their story and some tips to bring customers in.  They have been VERY successful in their 1st year, with multiple investors enquiring about equity.  It was so exciting to hear and she might be a great contact in the future.  I’m glad that I made it to class today!!!


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